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Medical Science and Robotics are on a Collision Course

As medical science continues to develop devices to replace human organs and limbs we are replacing more and more of ourselves with ‘subsystems’ that aren’t biologic. At the same time researchers are finding increasing ability to control artificial limbs with just thoughts. As these two developments rush towards increasing ability to replace our body parts, engineers are making amazing strides in robotics...

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The Tragic Flaw and Self-Drive Car Technology

It isn’t often when the future arrives before the present leaves. However, we are seeing the future driving on the streets of four cities today in the form of Google self-drive cars. Every major auto manufacturer is working on self-driving cars with Tesla promising delivery before 2020. Most are also working on electric cars. Put the two together with Uber or Lyft and you have a revolution in mobility...

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End Game and a Global Debate

When you look at someone what do you see? Do you see the years they spent becoming what they are? Do you see the influences that caused them to develop a sense of humor or not? Do you see all the love they have, whether for another person, an animal or nature and the arts? What do you see? People come and go. Some become close to us, others not so much. But do we ever really get to know them...

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