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  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 292 Pages
  • Format: Kindle, paperback

When you’re running from yourself, your choices change everything.

Like Ebenezer Scrooge, trial lawyer J’ne Wilcox encounters a ghost. And subsequently she visits two futures that could result from the decisions she is making. She then visits the past, before she or even her parents were born to learn from her young grandparents how their choices determined her life’s trajectory. She is accompanied on this journey by a young prodigy, who built the portal enabling their glimpses of what could be. But in each instance except the last, the government is seeking custody of the prodigy to gain control of the pathways to alternative worlds. Only J’ne can help him find a place for him where he can be what he wants to be, and along the way finds that she is searching for the same thing.