End Game

  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 344 Pages
  • Format: Kindle

Texas-based FBI Agent Jim Carr loses the love of his life in a drug bust he leads against the Zeta Cartel. Jim becomes a loose cannon disrupting drug flows and killing more than his share of cartel sicarios. He becomes indispensable but also a problem for the Bureau. Alene Oliviera remembers Jim saving her life in that same drug bust. When given responsibility by President Obama for a low profile Department of Justice interagency task force to disrupt cartel movement into the US she seeks him out. Jim sets up operations for Alene, but the Zetas have other ideas and they target Jim directly. Jim must balance his personal rage with his professional duties and somehow figure out what to do with his growing affection for Alene. Using cutting edge simulation technology, Jim and his partner, Willy Graves, a Dallas detective, accelerate their training with the US Army’s best to disrupt the Zetas on their home turf. Only for every punch by the Task Force, the Zetas counterpunch in escalating fashion. Ultimately Jim is lured by the Zetas into setting the stage for an audacious plot to transform the very relations between Mexico and the US in such a manner as to make the Zetas almost unstoppable. Only Jim and Alene stand between the Zetas and success.

"This is a gritty, no-holds-barred thriller and adventure tale, full of fast--paced action and international intrigue. And, there's even a bit of a love interest weaved into the tale. As a bonus, the author's mastery of combat tactics, advanced weaponry, and battlefield situations adds invaluable realism throughout this well-written work of fiction -- that could just as easily be a true account of how the war on drugs is being played out in real life. Five stars to The End Game. You'll be rooting for the good guys all the way to the novel's exciting conclusion -- and, you'll hold the main characters in your memory long after that. " - Publishers Daily Reviews