The Great American Cat Novel

  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 453 Pages
  • Format: Kindle

Amethyst Leopard searches for Bengal Charlie, the Secretary General of the United Cat Nations who has gone missing. The Secretary General has negotiated the Peace Accords with Bull Durham, the Grand Wizard of the Society of Pooches and Cat Antagonizers (SPCA). Amethyst plunges into the world she has never taken the time to see in order to learn what happened that night and why the Secretary General is gone. What she learns is how the political divide has made strange bedfellows committed to changing the established order while resisting the change the Peace Accords represent.

"The story holds many twists and turns that slowly build suspense and an ever-growing anticipation of the book’s big reveal: where is the Secretary General, and is he alive or dead? Discover the answer to that question — and be morally uplifted into the bargain — when you read The Great American Cat Novel. We recommend it to anyone wanting to curl up by the fire with an innovative twenty-first century take on allegorical fiction this winter."

- Publishers Daily Reviews