Hope by dhtreichler


$3.99 / $14.95
  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 359 Pages
  • Format: Kindle, paperback

When you live in a world apart what makes you happy may not be what makes others in that larger world out there happy, or does it?

Jasmin Braveheart contemplates leaving for college just before being abducted from her cocooned home. When she awakens, it is into the rest of the world… the one where people wear masks to protect themselves from unseen disease and pollution. Where every day is a struggle to exist. The world that isn’t mediated for her and presented on vast wall screens, sanitized, perfect in representation but missing so many aspects. In her journey through what for her is a shadow world, but is where nearly everyone else lives, she must overcome fear of the unknown and draw upon unrecognized strengths as she comes to understand the reality and special nature of her cocooned existence. Both the opportunities before her and the limitations of her own frames of reference. But then she is driven to what could be deadly extreme actions resulting in the terror of being pursued by desperate violent unseen forces that deliver her to certain death in a California wildfire.