Life After

  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 415 Pages
  • Format: Kindle

Dana Thompson is very successful selling weapon systems to governments in the hot spots of the world. His wife Katie is a well-respected international field producer for one of the major network evening news organizations. They live in the center of the vortex of world events until Katie receives an unexpected diagnosis. This leaves Dana and their college-aged son, Brandon, to adjust to life without her. But soon after her passing, an Italian friend of Katie’s approaches Dana to carry on the clandestine work he says Katie was doing for him. As Dana struggles to learn the truth about Katie and to re-establish his relationship with his son, a startling revelation changes them forever.

" dhtreichler, in his latest book, offers up world-class intrigue mixed with fascinating detail and insight into how arms deals are cut daily in global capitals like Warsaw, Istanbul, Riyadh and Rome. Bottom line: if you ever wondered what goes on in the foreign boardrooms where these huge arms agreements are hammered out, this is your best chance to become thoroughly enlightened. Five stars to Life After. It's a mature and deceptively subtle look at one man's efforts to come to terms with love, loss and the art of the deal in an increasingly imperfect world." - Publishers Daily Reviews