• Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 454 Pages
  • Format: Kindle

Imagine a world with no war. Well that is not exactly true. Simulations have replaced battlefields and combat is a sport. Lucifer is the perfect combat robot and not a simulation. He keeps the world from a Challenge Death Match where soldiers would die and a part of the world would enter a new economic depression. Rob Roy, apprentice to Zenith, the Master of the Games, crosses over from techie to soldier and leads the Western Nations’ squad to a victory in the Global Cup Games. Now he must convince the Cup officials and squad members to accept him. Then he must lead the squad to win again. Meanwhile Malala, Zenith’s other apprentice and Rob Roy’s practice partner must carry the behind the scenes load while secretly finding a way to help Rob Roy survive. As the world economic situation deteriorates, world leaders reluctantly agree to a Challenge Death Match as a way to buy time for economic reforms to work. This means Lucifer, an undefeated killing machine, may enter the now real combat. Rob Roy, pursued by forces bent on eliminating him from the competition, must find a way to win, to gain the wisdom needed to survive and ultimately defeat Lucifer while the whole world watches.

" This book is a saga, and the author imbues the concept with a great deal of realism, both in the simulated firefights used to train Warriors, and in the subtle maneuvering amongst the world leaders. The reader is literally in the minds of each of the characters as the story rolls like a Juggernaut toward its exciting -- and unexpected -- conclusion. Join Rob Roy and his futuristic A Team as they fight the good fight against overwhelming odds and scheming antagonists in this riveting read. It rates five-plus stars for its sheer scope and accomplished execution." - Publishers Daily Reviews