The Tragic Flaw

  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 446 Pages
  • Format: Kindle

In a world of driverless cars Desmond Jensen stars in a long running weekly police procedural television series in Los Angeles. Desmond has a lot to prove if he wants to keep his job and regain the love of Mimi Theroux, his co-star. When a computer virus brings to a halt the global fleet of driverless Googlecars, suddenly the world is without transportation. Desmond and Mimi step into the void with Desmond’s now illegal original TESLA S electric car. They help the LAPD solve real crimes based on their television experiences, turning the series into a reality show. This instant fame also opens a door to help solve the global Googlecar virus emergency. Desmond and Mimi must overcome self-doubts and skepticism about their ability to assist the investigation. Together they struggle to return global transport operations and in the process uncover a group who believe mankind’s tragic flaw is its dependence upon machines. Desmond, Mimi and the team race to prevent global starvation and the plotters imminent next step that may result in a radically more primitive society.

"This taut psychological thriller -- part Dragnet, part The Late, Great Planet Earth -- offers an illuminating glimpse into Hollywood's less glamorous side as Desmond and Mimi maneuver to stay on top in the ratings race while trying to save the planet at the same time. And the author's talent for giving incredible depth to even the most minor character adds a layer of believability rarely found in other books of this genre." - Publishers Daily Reviews