Tomorrow by dhtreichler


$3.95 / $14.95
  • Author: dhtreichler
  • Page Count: 258 Pages
  • Format: Kindle, paperback

Separated at birth, can the Malvado twins survive and thrive when one must overcome privilege and a guaranteed future and the other human trafficking and sexual slavery?Regina and Mark Malvado know they have a bonus child when the New York hospital sonogram tells them it’s twins. But on the day they are born, one twin leaves her mother’s arms and disappears. Maybe this makes them over protective of young Lukas. Not a single day goes by they don’t look at every female child… hoping. Meanwhile the child that would have been Lissa Malvado is known only as Mary Christine and raised on a remote ranch half the continent away. Over the ensuing years, the character of each is tested in extreme ways, particularly after Mary Christine is sold to a rancher and Lukas finds new ways to disappoint his parents. The forces propelling the twins on their separate journeys are deflected by choices each makes driving them further apart and yet bringing them towards common ground.